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BLACKOUT STUDIO is the solution for bands, artists, labels and any other company who wants to build a genuine identity through the entire multimedia prism.

From audio recording to visual arts development, our experimented team will help you to meet your expectancies.

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About Us

At BLACKOUT STUDIO, located close from downtown Brussels, creativity is skillfully integrated: from the onset of each project and through every step, our designers are accessible to the clients, working out together to reach their creative and identity goals. Our facilities include a modern and equipped studio to record any type of sound (from single voice to live bands), a workshop for visual art creation, and a video department with all professional hardware.

Our Team

Jéremie Bézier
Studio Management
Ivan Houben
Sound Engineering
Olivier Lomer
Graphic Design
Laye Louhenapessy
Production Assistant
Sound Engineering
Andrea Vissol
Leslie Vandermeulen

Contact Us

Feel free to email us at

Blackout Multimedia
Avenue Frans Courtens, 131
Brussels 1030 / Belgium