Founded in 2009 and located in the heart of broadcasting Brussels, BLACKOUT STUDIO is the solution for bands, artists, labels and any other companies who are in need of quality audio productions. From recordings, mixing to mastering and even graphic design : our experienced team will help you meet your expectations. Our studio is really easy of access; just near the periphery of Brussels, near numerous public transport lines, just a few minutes away from Brussels Airport and near loads of bed and breakfasts and hotels in the fizzy center of Europe.

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Angel Crew, Age Of Torment, Arkangel, Absolutus, Adustum, Aktarum, Aguynguerran, Ashtoreth, Bathsheba, Burning Time, Cirith Gorgor, Cult Of Erinyes, Corvus, Caligula, Catharral, Corpus, Christii, Dehuman, Droit Divin, Dawn Of Crucifixion, Emptiness, Enthroned, Excruciate666, Evil Sheppard, Flvx, Full Frontal Face Fuckers, Goat Torment, Glen Ohm, Gae Bolga, Hybrid Vicery, Hexenring, Hunter, Horncrowned, Horacle, Irony, Illumination, Khthoniik Cerviiks, Kosmokrator, Length Of Time, Liquid Ston'z, L'hiver En Deuil, Lost God, My Lament, Mongolito, Mucus, Nightbringer, Nyx, Neverlight Horizon, Necrowrath, Possession, Psalm, Resistance, Raxinasky, Skinweaver, Stagg, Saqra's Cult, Set The Tone, Slaughter Messiah, Soul Dissolution, Unlocked, Vortex Of End, Vibrion, Veiled, Voltrage, Winterblind, Yhardl,...

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Musée d'Ixelles / Museum van Elsene – Collection Permanente/Permanente Collectie
Rubenshuis – "De Meester Leeft" audio guide

About Us

Audient ASP800 preamps (8) – 2 x Retro Channels with Dual Stage Color Saturation Controls - HMX & IRON – Burr Brown converters, Golden Age Projects PRE-73 MKII preamps (2), TLA Audio PS-2 Dual Valve preamp (2), TLA Audio Ebony Dual Valve preamp (2), Yamaha preamps (16)

AKG C3000B (2), AKG C4000B (2), AKG D112 (2), AKG C1000S, AKG Perception 150 (2), Audio Technica AT2020 (2), Audio Technica AT4050, Audio Technica ATM10, Audio Technica ATM11, Beyerdynamic M69, Electro Voice ND308A (3), Melodium 76-A, Neumann KM84, Neumann KM85i, Neumann U87 (2), Nohype Audio LRM-1 ribbon microphone, Rode NT1-A, Rode NT4 stereo microphone, Rode NT5 (2), Shure Beta 52A (2), Shure SM57 (6), Shure Beta57, Shure SM58 (3), Shure Beta 87, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser e906, Sennheiser e609Sennheiser e912 PZM, SE Electronics X1R ribbon microphone (2), Studio Projects B1

Avalon VT-747sp compressor/equalizer, DBX 266XL Dual compressor/Gate (2), TL Audio Fat Man 2 stereo valve compressor, TC Electronic M-One XL dual effect processor, TC Electronic M350 dual effect processor, TC Helicon VoiceWorks vocal processor, BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer, MOTU MIDI Express 128, E-MU X-board 49 MIDI controller, AKAI S2000 24 bit sampler, Roland S550 8 bit sampler, Samson S-phone headphone amplifier, Behringer PRO-8 HA8000 headphone amplifier, Vic Firth, KRK, Sony and AKG headphones, Ampeg amp selector, Avalon U5 Instrument & DI preamplifier, Little Labs Redeye 3D DI/splitter/reamping box (1), BBS DI (2), Radial J48 DI (1), 100% Neutrik and Sommer cabling, DBX, Samson and Neutrik patchbays, Numerous guitar and bass effects: Radial, DOD, Ross, RAT, MXR, Boss, Morley, Electro Harmonix, Boss ME-50B, ME-5, ME-6, ME-10

Yamaha 02R96VCM

Presonus Central Station monitoring system, Dynaudio BM5A Mk II + Isoacoustics stands and Auralex treatment

Solid State Logic MX4 audio interface, Solid State Logic Alpha Link AX converter, Solid State Logic DSP plugins (console dynamics: Compressor/Gate and E or G series equalizers, Audio Toolbox), Antelope Isochrone OCX word clock generator, Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5, Steinberg Wavelab Pro, 48 inputs / 48 outputs, Instant access to more than 6 TB of storage, Exclusively USB 3.0 connections, Massive sample collection, EMU X-board 49 MIDI controllers, AKAI MPK49 MIDI controller, Waves CLA Classic compressors plugin suite (1176, LA2A), Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0, Brainworx plugins (Cleansweep, Stereo Expander), Softube plugins (Saturation knob), Steinberg Groove Agent One, Padshop, Retrologue, Slate Digital Everything Bundle, Black Rooster Audio, Eventide
RECORDING ROOM / REHEARSAL ROOM 40M², Soundcraft M12 mixing console, DAP Monitoring, DBX 266XL dual stereo compressor/limiter/gate, K&M and Hercules stands. For the rehearsals, standard access to: Marshall 4 x 12" cab, Invaders 4x12" cab, Orange 4x12" cab, Mesa Boogie bass 2x10" + 1 x 12"cab, Hartke bass amp, basic drum (please bring snare drum, bass drum pedal and cymbals), microphones, Possibility to record the rehearsals. Please contact us for rehearsal bookings from 20H00 – 23H00 (except during production bookings)

Our Team

JEremie BEzier
Studio Management
Ivan Houben
Sound Engineering
Sound Engineering
Olivier Lomer
Graphic Design

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Feel free to email us at info@blackoutstudio.be

Blackout Multimedia
Avenue Frans Courtens, 131
Brussels 1030 / Belgium